Riad Blue Berber has typical Moroccan style architecture and originally, before that, it was a home to a member of parliament for some years. The building is over 150 years old. It’s a very typical large 6 roomed establishment with communal space.

We understand and respect the Moroccan law when it comes to restoring an ancient building and by restoring our riad, we kept the original vision of Moroccan architecture in keeping with Marrakesh medina’s rich history.

While the renovation was taking place, our aim was to use natural Moroccan products and materials. The guest house bathrooms are made of “Tadalakt” that was used in Hammams in old days before tiles or marble..

We had to use traditional skilled builders, artisans and local natural materials. The riad walls are 60-70 cm thick, great stuff for isolation. In summer time it’s really cool .In winter it’s nice and cozy too.

Here at Blue Berber riad/guest house we aim to stay green. So this is why we stick to the natural products we use and the organic food we eat.